Creative Nature NYC is offering personalized Learning Pods this Fall. Our educators have experience developing and implementing curriculums relating art & science for public schools.  We explore science notions through art-making and make art based on technology, language and scientific experimentation. We perform experiments in familiar environments like kitchens and backyards where we provide children some direction, and then allow them to follow their own curiosities.


We believe children are natural researchers and inventors. Therefore, we co-create with them curriculums that are project-based and emanate from their questions, interests, hypotheses, poetic languages, and experimentation.

Unlike public education and traditional art studios where the curriculum is designed before the start of the year and without meeting the children, our curriculum is emergent and evolves according to children’s interests and desires. In our program it is not: Plan, then do. It is: do, then plan, then do, and plan some more and do some more. We offer one to one homeschooling and also homeschooling for a small group of kids both at home or in a park nearby.

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