McCarren/McGolrick Park Art Adventures 

Ages 3-5


We make art with nature’s materials as well as creating art-making tools by hand. Nature is abundant and generous, and it is also a great artist. It creates forms, colors, and patterns as no one is able to. The park is filled with mysteries and materials that spark-thoughts in motion, provoking art research and inquiry. Each week we will experiment with themes that emanate from children’s curiosity and questions such as: where do colors come from?  Can we make colors with plants? Why do we see a lot of bees, insects and butterflies in the park over the summer? What is a pigment? Can we make paint with rocks? What is an assemblage? What does it mean to install?


McCarren/McGolrick Park Art Adventures

Ages 6-8 


New York has a reputation of being a concrete jungle, but thousands of animal species can be found in our parks. Contemporary artists, curators, galleries, and museums are investing in thinking about ecosystems and climate change as a prolific field of investigation and practice. Art Adventures for 6-8 is a space for children to investigate, ask questions, to form and test theories about urban wildlife and the plant and animal kingdom. We will collaborate and explore ideas with a cross-disciplinary and multi-media methodology that includes painting, biology, gardening, collage, installation, performance, sculpture, with natural and recycled materials.


McCarren/McGolrick Park Art Adventures

Ages 9-11 


What new art and ecological insights can we gain from thinking of city parks as organisms? Bringing to sessions references and discussions of current environmental art projects along with science experiments that expand our understanding of the co-evolutionary relationships between species living in the park. This summer we will create projects that are long-term, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary using a multi-media methodology that explores traditional art media such as painting, drawing, printmaking, performance, video and sculpture.


McCarren Park Location:

*IIf the gate at the Leonard st is not open, then there is another entrance from Manhattan Av.


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