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At Creative Nature NYC we use the exploration and contact with nature and recycled materials as starting points for creative adventures for children 4-10 years old and their families. We see children as natural researchers and inventors therefore we co-create our curriculum with them. Our program is project-based and emanates from their questions, interests, hypotheses, poetic languages and experimentation where the lines between art, science, invention blur constantly. As teachers with a background in visual arts and an interest in ecology, we are interested in encouraging critical thinking through the hundred languages children use to express themselves – drawing, sculpting, painting, movement, rhythm, words, symbols, sounds and others.

We named this school Creative Nature NYC because through artistic experimentation we want to ask: How do we create a working model that recognizes and dissolves the lines that separate us from nature? We think that this dualism is the fundamental philosophical reason for human beings’ destruction of the environment. We believe that if we could actually experience the fact that we are embedded in the world around us, then we would be less likely to destroy it.


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