For urgent matters if your child is at a session with us, text is best for direct contact! We will try to answer as soon as we can.

Our phone number is: 646 355 5296

For payment questions or other issues email as at: info@creativenaturenyc.org

After School Pick-up

We offer school pick up at local schools based on enrollment. Our teachers transport students by walking from their respective schools to the class’s location. Based on enrollment,  a teacher could do pick up in 2 local schools. Parents will give the school teacher, or the responsible dismissal person, Creative Nature NYC’s phone number and the contact info. Please contact us at info@creativenaturenyc.org with any questions or remarks.


Payments & Refunds

Creative Nature NYC’s payments are all done online. We are a cash-free program.

We offer a drop-in option that is $60 dollars a class. No coupons discount applies to drop-in classes.  We also offer installment plans. Please check the Sawyer portal for accurate fees. If you wish to enroll after the registration period, we will prorate the price. Please email  us for availability.



If you are paying for the semester monthly, payments are due first day of the month. 

Regular pick up is between 5:00 PM.  If you are interested in Extended Day please let us know. 



We are a nut-free space. If sending snacks to your children for after school, please do not send anything with nuts. We might have children in attendance with severe nut allergies and do not want to put them at risk

Children must stay home to rest when they present any of the following symptoms:

o Fever: 100°F or higher

o Child is continuously crying or requires more attention than we can provide.

o Continuous coughing

o Diarrhea

o Vomiting

o Breathing trouble

o Sore throat

o Swollen glands

o Frequent scratching of body or scalp, lice or rash.

o We reserve the right of sending kids home if we notice any of these symptoms.



We take photos during our classes and occasionally post them to our social media outlets. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please let us know.


How does a session at Creative Nature NYC looks like?

2:30 :Pick up from schools

3:00-3:30: snacks, free play

3:30-5pm: art activity, conversation, critic, documentation, mindfulness activities 

5:00: clean up, play time, sketch book, pick up.


Dress Code

Although we are very careful with our art materials, art research can be a messy activity sometimes. Please dress your child in clothes that are okay to get stained. Some materials like Indian ink do not wash out of clothing. We are not responsible for any stained or damage clothing.

 Kids being picked up for after school should wear weather appropriate clothing for our walks and the park.